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Atlas Airlines Dispatchers, Crew Schedulers and Manager of Dispatch

Location: New York Web Site: or
They have a need for (3) Dispatchers, (5) Crew Schedulers and (1) Manager of Dispatch. The jobs will be physically located in Westchester County, Purchase, New York. Interested parties can email the HR Director directly at:
Well, I guess a number of employees from Long Beach, California did not make the move to New York, too bad.
TELL me I'm not seeing a Clay Aiken avtar!!!!!

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Yes, that is a Clay Aiken avtar...i live in Raleigh, NC...i'm a huge fan of Clay..the reason why...what are the odds of somebody being famous from your home town...that you were born in & live in...

Do you work at Atlas?

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No i dont...i currently do not work with any airline at the moment...hopefully i will one day when i go through training to receive my pilots license & stuff...i have a family member....very close..i guess u can say my mom..she works with AA & we fly them a lot..all the time..i got this Atlas Air career thing off one of AA's websites for employees....

Gotta admit - dude does have a freakin' GREAT voice! Just caught me off guard, I guess.

Carry on.
Great voice and a weirdo on TV. I wouldnt be caught dead with that avatar even if he was my next door neighbor.