Atlas Airlines


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Well, I guess a number of employees from Long Beach, California did not make the move to New York, too bad.


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TELL me I'm not seeing a Clay Aiken avtar!!!!!

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Yes, that is a Clay Aiken avtar...i live in Raleigh, NC...i'm a huge fan of Clay..the reason why...what are the odds of somebody being famous from your home town...that you were born in & live in...

Do you work at Atlas?

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No i dont...i currently do not work with any airline at the moment...hopefully i will one day when i go through training to receive my pilots license & stuff...i have a family member....very close..i guess u can say my mom..she works with AA & we fly them a lot..all the time..i got this Atlas Air career thing off one of AA's websites for employees....



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Gotta admit - dude does have a freakin' GREAT voice! Just caught me off guard, I guess.

Carry on.


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Great voice and a weirdo on TV. I wouldnt be caught dead with that avatar even if he was my next door neighbor.