ATL Tower Hit By Lightning!


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The tower at ATL was struck by lightning a few minutes ago. They have 2 people remaining in the cab. All electrical in out in the cab, Fire/EMS on the way to sniff it out. Setting up temp tower in the E Ramp Tower.

I believe it. I'm riding this crap out up in Midtown... there have been some pretty close strikes around here that have messed with the power.
Apparently power is back on in the cab, still only 2 people up there. Systems are resetting...

Thank god i came back from EZM to LZU at the time I did. I saw the storm over ATL around 6:30 and it was looking bad. I was hearing a bunch of re-routings around the ATL and west Ga side over my Freq.
I flew over the ATL vor at FL180 around 5:30 and there was a huge build up developing. A lot of the planes coming out of there was about the bumpy ride.
We(AirTran) had a record number of diversions tonight for our hub...40 total from about 1930L on....amazingly we didn't cancel very much.
I know there were two CLT-ATL departures leaving when I got into CLT around 11:45 last night. Seemed pretty late for them but I guess that's why.