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I've been keeping this blog since I started the process back in February. It's mostly been about the application process along with a few other random entries. I figured now that I will be beginning at the Academy this Friday (Nov 7th) I would post it here if anyone was interested in reading about the training. I plan on posting just about every day or so while I'm there and will continue at my facility. I'm not a great writer and it's not flashy, but rather a place where I share my thoughts and experiences.

Feel free to read if you like.


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This is the first blog I've noticed on the forums.

Thanks, Slayer, I'm sure it'll be an interesting read

Juliet Lima

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very nice blog. excellent reading and insight. i'm sure there's many people that will find it very useful.

good luck in training.


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I read it, too... as well as CR's (linked).

They're both done well and it's generous of you both to share your thoughts.


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Thanks all. I just got to OKC today and moved into my apartment. I have a nice view of the golf course. It all starts tomorrow!