ATC Systemic Lupus


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I was asked to send supplemental medical documents pertaining to my SLE and avascular necrosis in a letter postmarked 12/16/08, with a due date of 1/5/08. I talked to my rheumatologist's secretary over the phone on the matter and scheduled an appointment for 12/30/08 (earliest possible). When the doctor saw me he said it would not be possible to get a typed letter out in the timeframe and I had to send in a hand written one.

The letter was recieved 1/2/08 because I sent it next day delivery with the non-holiday option (no New Year delivery) and tracked it.

I see now that a lot of Pubnat2 applicants have received their final offer letters and I'm stuck waiting. Any clue on what this delay will be? It's frustrating because I feel in no way will this affect my ability to perform the required tasks.

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Would it be beneficial for me to contact the southwest region flight surgeon to see what's going on? Should I just wait it out without contacting anyone on the FAA's side of this matter? I just didn't see where I'd have any say in this anyway.

I've read other sites saying that people with SLE may need special conditions such as monitor shields for their computers, close access to bathrooms, etc... This wouldn't be an issue in my case and seems a bit extreme.

Matthew Morgan
These cases are reviewed in OKC. The backlog for most cases there is6-8 week after submission. Just wait a couple of more weeks.
I was asked to send a supplemental letter handwritten by myself after the first letter was read. Does this mean that the waiting game started over from square one when this letter was recieved? I mailed the second letter 1/26/2009. Should I expect to be hearing back soon (it has now been about 8 weeks since the original letter was mailed) or should I expect up to another 4 week wait due to the delay of mailing out the second letter?


The request for the second letter made me feel more hopeful. My only limitation is that I can no longer run. Stairs won't be a problem.
It is worth a shot if he's a member. As long as you can provide them with the information about the exam they can look into it.
Could AOPA help in this? I know they can speed things up a little for pilots.

Sorry, what's AOPA? I'm willing to try anything at this point to speed this up a little. I'm ready for OKC!


Scratch that, just gpot the call from HR 10 seconds after I posted this, I'm CLEARED! Here i come OKC!!!!