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I was wondering about the PEPC medical and what the limitations are for some conditions I have. I have had a class one airmen medical for the past 3 years and have a "6 year auth. for special issuance of a medical dcertification" with the FAA. I have had the following conditions for several years and all are under control with medication. High cholesterol, high BP, and a history of hypothyroidism. I see my doctor on a regular basis every 3 or 4 months and get the white coat anxiety that many people have everytime I see him. My BP is usually around 120-125/75-85 but when Im in the office they usually get around 140-150/90-95. What may happen if this happens at the PEPC will I automatically be sent home? What are the limits on these conditions during the medical? Anything I can do to get ready or bring with me to help? Thanks for any information!
Do you know what might happen if when the BP is taken and I happen to have the nerves going and heartbeat is up and they get a high reading say 150/95 is that it? They send you home after one try or will they take multiple readings and more chances? I would hope they know everyone is at least a little nervious.
The FAA standards for blood pressure are (this is for a new applicant):
No Medications for control
Age 20-29 140/90
30-39 150/90
40-49 150/100
50 and over 160/100
They will probably check it more than once.
Thank you so much for the quick responce!
Last questions I see that you answered with "No medication" is it ok that I'am taking meds to control all three things? Are there other limitations for persons taking medication or are they the same as without? When do I need to disclose that Iam taking meds is there a place on the application do you know?

Thanks again!!!!!
They want exact names and doses. Any medicine for blood pressure is DQ for new applicants for ATC the way I read the standards.
Do I understand correctly? If Im taking BP medication then I will not be able to be a air traffic controller? Even if I been able to obtain my class I airmen medical?
That is the way I understand the Medical Standards for ATC 3930 3a for new controllers. Once hired, you can be treated is what I understand. A new applicant unter treatment for ANY disease of the cardiovascular system is disqualified.
Hi Doc,

I found this in another post. Please dont take this the wrong way...I ask this only in a high blood pressure considered a form of heart disease?

"Cardiovascular Standards — Applicants must have no medical history of any form of heart disease. A history of high blood pressure requiring medication will require special review. "

I looked and looked on the FAA site and could find nothing other than this statement on meds and high blood pressue.

Does this mean that after a review I could be accepted?