ATC Medical Exam Question


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I am currently 30 years old and am in the process of applying for an ATC position (I am scheduled to take the AT-SAT tomorrow). Let us assume that I will eventually end up taking an FAA Medical Exam.

When I was 9, I fractured my skull and the doctors told my parents that I may have a seizure at 16, and they were right: I had a seizure in August and October of 1995. I have been on medication (Lamictal) since October of 1995, but I am seeing my neurologist next week to setup a withdrawl schedule so I am free-and-clear of medication (he's recommended it as an option in the past, but I've always just kept taking it [for peace of mind, I guess]).

I have never been given an official diagnosis as an epileptic, and given that the early head trauma warned of the episodes, where exactly do I stand as far as the FAA is concerned? Are there any concrete answers I need to get from my neurologist prior to an FAA Medical Exam? Is there a minimum amount of medication-free time the FAA requires a candidate to have? If other posts are correct, by the time I would anticipate an FAA medical exam, I should be medication-free for 6 months: is that enough time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS: is there a way to get an FAA medical exam early to see if this issue
would either qualify or disqualify me? That way, I wouldn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops, only to be denied at the end.
The Order states you are disqualified because youa re being treated or have been treated. You can always appeal to the Regional Flight Surgeon but I doubt he will change the decision.