ATC hiring process


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Hey everyone,

I've always wanted to become a commercial pilot. I have a PPL and this fall I'm going off to UND, and I was always planning on getting my commercial, instrument, and CFI there. However, regardless as to where you go college expenses and flight training together seem to come at heavy burden, especially when you factor in that starting out as a regional pilot you make very little money. So now I have been thinking about maybe becoming an air traffic controller for a few years then going back to a flight school once I save some money. I could still go to UND and enroll in their commercial aviation program, but it seems I would save a lot of stress doing it this way. I'm considering going through the CTI program at UND, so does know that went through the CTI program know about the hiring process. Specifically: How long did it take you to get hired? and how long does it take to go through training at OKC and start your initial job?
Your best bet is to do the CTI school. Go on to and talk to some people on there. I think there are a lot of CTI applicants on that forum. I also wanted to be an airline pilot but I just realized I don't want an unstable job and a lifestyle of an airline pilot. I should of thought of this before I dropped $50,000 lol. Now I want to be a firefighter :). I'm going through every childhood dream job!
It takes almost 2 years to get fully certified, being an ATC is not something you do in the mean time, it is a career
definitely. july will be a year for me. I am going to chicago for PEPC on the 23rd. so im hoping within 4 months of that I will receive a thumbs up that all clearances are good. then off to OKC within 2 or so months after that. but still....just hoping. i would say give it at least 12 to 18 months to get to a terminal/center. then anywhere from 2 to 4 years to get trained from what I've heard. It is a career choice but a hell of a lot cheaper than becoming a pilot!!
Well I'll know for sure on that time frame when I ask the manager on Friday at my interview.
I'm a regional pilot, have been for 2 years now. Before that, I flight instructed for over 2 years while I got a 4 year degree at a local CHEAP state college. I got all my flight ratings CHEAP while in high school and college by flying the cheapest rental and loaner (unofficial off the books rentals) planes I could find.

I am just as qualified as those UND grads, and have no debt, unlike those tards...I mean grads...honest slip:D

Seriously, a degree is a degree, and there is no stable future in being a pilot. If you are going to make the stupid yet ego satisfying decision to become a pilot don't make the stupid yet stupider decision to overpay 400% for it. We don't make enough to afford debt in this job.

Your parents, who will most likely be paying a part of this endeavor, need to be informed that dropping 200 grand on "pilot school" isn't like what their neighbor is doing for their kid in "doctor or lawyer school" (besides if you spend more than 50 grand you are a sucker)

Oh yeah, and I'm hoping like hell to get an ATC job so I can have a real a house like all my friends are doing, and actually get to see any kids I might have in the future on a somewhat regular basis.