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Hey Doc,

I just wanted to run a few things by with you. My number is coming up with ATC and I have a few concerns. I failed a ishihara test about 2 years ago. It was a small edition of it(less than 10) and I believe I just barely failed it. Since then I have passed a Dvorine, ishihara 38, lantern and a few other diagnostic tests.

Now, does the ATC still use the dvorine test to the best of your knowledge? If so, do you recommend me getting a second class medical from an AME who uses the dvorine? I just have a concern that it will show up that I had a color restriction for a short amount of time and would perhaps strengthen my case if its already documented I passed the dvorine with no errors..

Thanks for this great service you provide to us all.


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I do not know what the FAA medical offices actually use. The alternate test are available but they do have a Aviation Light Test which is a minimally modified Farnsworth lantern.