ATC and Military Reserve


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I've recently submitted my application (PUBNAT5) and am also in the process of applying to the Coast Guard Reserve Officer program (non-aviation), and wanted to know the FAA's policy on reserve duty. Do they allow it? Is it easy to get time off, and will it hurt my chances of getting the job? Also, are we allowed to utalize our commercial license or flight instruct while employed as a controller, or is that considered a conflict of interest? Also i should add that the obligations are only once a month and 2 weeks a year, and the risk of getting deployed with the CGR is extremely low, as most deployments are voluntary. My basic training would be complete before going to OKC.


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you can be in the reserves, it won't hurt your chances, you can take leave to attend your reserve training...but i also heard that it could be a conflict if the faa is paying you for say...admin time away...and you are pulling in money from the CG for the weekend pay....anyways, we had a few people at my facility that used to be in the reserves. they can't fire you for deploying, it is against the law, when you get back, they have to provide you with the same job you had before....

now specific people at your facility might not care that you are in the reserves, but other than that, you are fine.


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I am at my facility and I am also in the Navy Reserves. You get 15 days or so of military paid leave. So when you do your two weeks you get paid those 10 days (4 don't count because those would be your days off) then you get 4 more. They appear on my paystub just like your regular leave. After you use them up you have to use your leave or take time off without pay. My facility is working with me fairly well with it.