ATA vs. Comair Academy


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Does anyone have an opinion on either or both of these two academies (pros and cons)? I am having a tough time deciding between these two choices and with all the marketing info I've obtained, my head is starting to spin. I thought it would be nice to hear comparisons from the guys "in the trenches" or even those who have moved on to bigger and better things. TIA.
I am a graduate of both Comair and ATA. In my opinion, ATA is much better. In fact, before Comair was Comair, it was ATA in its early days.

I was happy with my training in both academies. But, when I went back to Comair and saw the changes made, my time at ATA was invaluable. I am in fact, a happy graduate with an internship with ACA. I dont need to be a CFI nor want to be one.

ATA helped me out tremendously, more than Comair ever did.
What does this "internship" at ACA consist of? I thought when they meant you get an airline job, that it was a F/O position. IS that not right?
You graduated that fast from ATA? I just saw you last summer I think at Best Buy?!
I agree with YoKozak, I'm currently a student at ATA after a year at Comair. The environment is more relaxed at ATA.
At Comair I felt like I was on needles and pins, you know how it is when you get bad vibes!
I'm much happier at ATA, I have yet to meet unfriendly or disinterested instructor or an employee (which are one and the same).
hey longeze,

So is all the marketing that ATA throws at prospective student true? IS ACA really hiring at ATA? I liked ATA best out of all the schools,but all amrketing mumbo jumbo seems too good to be ture.

BTW, Do you know Mathew Hewitt at ATA?

Alot of the instructors from Comair come to ATA as students, I had one in my class leave comair due to some discrepency in accounting, I visited Comair and knew the school wasnt for me, I'm glad im at ATA im very pleased with my choice. Comair trains CFI's ATA trains Airline Pilots
Alot of the instructors from Comair come to ATA as students

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Comair trains CFI's ATA trains Airline Pilots

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So how does this ACA internship work? Do you make coffee all day, work in the mail room, chuck bags on the ramp for a year and then get hired to fly after your intership is up? Does it pay? Probably not, since it is, an internship. I'd rather take my chances and be a CFII/MEI, so at least I could make some money. Working for free doesn't pay the bills! I quess you could work at 7-11, but i'm sure that couldn't pay the bills and pay back that nice key loan.
The ACA internship is about 90 days from what I hear, but yeah, you are doing all that stuff you mentioned in addition to paining hangars and it is unpaid.

when i was working the ramp for ACA we used to make fun of the interns filling the paper up in the printers at the gates while the crew was waiting to print up thier release forms. It must suck for the three months but you do have an employee number and thats what counts when they select the next class of new hires.

What I was saying is that alot of Comair students transfer to ATA.
I guess I'll be the first to say it, AT least COMAIR is still in business!!