GET A LAWYER! Get there quick before the $$ runs to the islands.

Sorry guys....sad to hear that.

That really sucks. We probably won't hear too much about it on this board. I don't think that there were many students here to begin with. What a shame. Thank goodness I didn't choose ATA.
yup im a student there, currently in the housing department that ata only paid for the month of feb........O and I pre paid 6 months worth of rent and i was two weeks into pvt
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needed to bump this thread, i have had to move twice due to this debacle ,is there any new info coming out of the bankruptcy court other than the letter i recieved over a year ago?
Here's a breakdown of the payouts effective October 31, 2006:
Total to be disbursed of $366,194.79.
Chapter 7 administrative fees (attorneys, etc.): $188,667.00 (paid 100%).
Balance of $177,517.79.
Priority Wage Claims (employees and taxes): $30.059.19 (paid 100%).
Balance of $147,458.60.
Priority Benefit Plan Claims (COBRA, Insurance): $26,149.16 (paid 100%).
Balance of $121,309.44.
Priority Consumer Deposits Claims: $800.00 (paid 100%).
Balance of $120.509.44.
Priority Tax Claims (State of Florida Dept of Revenue): $326,003.88 (paid 36.9%).
Balance of $0.
General Unsecured Creditor (students and others) Claims: $17,659,985.20 (paid 0%).