Associate Degree Program Approved


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White Air and Neosho County Community College have partenered to provide and Associate Degree in Applied Science in Aviation. Final Approval of all classes and syllabi was reached on Thursday. The degree program will be available in the January Catalog for the 2009 School Year.

This opens up a great deal of opportunity for both Financial Aid, VA Benefits and also International Students. You can find information about the college at and information for White Air at

Feel free to call or email either White Air or Neosho College.



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Cool stuff!

Sent you a PM, with a few questions I had!




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From Vans Favorite State....

Thats great news about the college program, brought a smile to my face. Also good to know Van is still in the game, I'm waiting for the call that Van joined on with the PBA tour!

I'd like to give a shout out at this time to Mr. and Mrs. White, Gavin, Jesse, and Jacob.

Hope all is great guys.