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If anyone has any direct experience with the ASA program, please drop me a PM. (You did the program, only interviewed, whatever)


Just last week, I hear that program on hold again or going to be very soon? Heard that ASA is not having any new hires training for thise year until things change of course.
I don't know that to be a fact, but I did read a post by Doug that said that ASA would be hiring Delta furloughees (sp?) with no strings attached in exchange for a more favorable flow through for the ASA pilots to Delta. I would imagine that would slow down the new hires, but again I'm just speculating.

There's probably not going to be a flood of applications from Delta furloughs. There are going to be some, but not huge amounts.
The latest I heard from management was that the ASA program is going forward but with reduced numbers. It appears that the interview process will be much more selective than it has been previously.
They also stated that ASA was reserving slots in each of thier up and comming ground schools for FSI program graduates. Remember that this is secound hand info that was passed down to me.....
Overheard in the cafe today (not posting names in public, but they are not students):

ASA is likely to suspend hiring throughout 2003, to resume in 2004 but subject to resume if needed. They expect enormous growth at some point, they are just unsure when. The focus will be getting those in the program through and finished with the Saab sim time, and keeping them current.

I wasn't planning on the ASA Fast Track myself, but I don't like what it says about the state of the industry.
I read somewhere that ASA is retiring all the instead of trying to run new hire and transition classes,they are not going to run any new hire classes for 2003.