I was at FSI about a week ago. The program is on hold now. In fact, my tour guide tried to take me to their building and the ysaid that tours would be stopped immediately since ASA is not hiring.
But they are hoping to reinstate it soon.

Just saw an add (dated today) for ASA f/o's on Climbto350, looks like they're hiring again. Any FS students know what the story is on the ASA program?
I am at FSI right now and we have heard no word on when the ASA program is due to come back online. I hope its true though and they are hiring because I was set to be in that program. Our contact in Marketing, Stephanie says that ASA has a pool to last them through a good part of 2002. FSI now has the AATP which is the ASA program in sheeps clothing. Its the same deal, 36 hours in the SAAB 2000 but no COE at the end. Why would someone spend $25,000 for just 36 hours of level D time and get nothing out of it is beyond me. If I hear anything else at FSI I will be sure to post. Happy flying...