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Does anyone know about the ASA direct program? I know it costs about $60,000 and takes about six months, but recently I heard that ASA put a freeze on hiring.
If this is true are people "stacking up" in the ASA direct program. How many people are involved in the program?

Any and all info is appreciated.

Thanks, Nosser
I disseminate the following reports:
1)School Norms Reports( Aviation mechanic school's statistical information for airframe, general knowledge, and powerplant knowledge tests. The tests are administred at an FAA approved testing site via a computer-based testing system).
2) School Graduation Lists (Provides listing of graduates/course completions for pilot schools and maintenance schools. *Authorization required to submit data or access lists).
3)Pilot School Information (Provides listing of Pilot School Information with query capabilities for easy access).
4)Maintenance School Information (Provides listing of Maintenance School Information with query capabilities for easy access).
5)Airman Performance Report (APR) Forms (Provides forms to FAA examiners for the administration of airman practical tests. Authorization required to submit data or access forms.
Including technical documents on Flight Standard Service#
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What is this guy on about?

As for FSI's ASA program, there are between 4-12 people per class, every 3 weeks. ASA is still interviewing for the program, which says they still have plans for upcoming classes and also that they have a pretty high regard for the program. There are classes 'stacking up,' but it's not all that many people, and the wait should hopefully start getting shorter for class dates.