ASA Direct Program vs Flight Instructor Route


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Hi everybody! (Hi Dr Nick!)

I was wondering what you guys think would be best for the long term, now I know when the time comes the ASA program may or not be offered at that particualar time, but given the option which is the better route? Sure the idea of getting a job flying right seat in a CRJ after 600hrs or somthing sounds great but are you missing out on the whole flight instructor experence by doing so?

I've heard from several people that you don't truly learn how to fly until you start instructing. Also if you got furloughed down the track, wouldn't you be at a disadvantage from not having that instructor time on your resume?

Lastly, sure CRJ time probably looks good to the majors but personally I love turboprops and I think it would be great fun to fly one one day, if you go the CRJ route it seems you'd miss out on that experence all together, like you have all your career to be flying jets I'd wouldn't want to look back from the seat of a 767 or somthing and wish I had flown a turboprop at least for a while, if only for the experence of somthing different.

Anyone else think this way or is it just me?
ah come on guys! Are you telling me none of you has an opinion on this!?
As you have said, the ASA program may not be available when you want it. I would not count on it for the simple fact that things have changed and the airlines do not have much need for the 200 hour wonder. I would plan on the CFI route if I was you.
The folks that have gone through the ASA program have done fairly well, from what I've heard from ASA pilots. They obviously don't suck, since they restarted the program.

Snow...Here's what I'm doing....Plan on CFI and hope for ASA. It doesn't cost anything to sign up and interview. If successful, you'd be *years* ahead of the CFI timeline.

It'll be a steep learning curve flying the line, but it's doable.

Snow, How have you been? Glad to see you still motivated to get started. Chunk hit it on the nose when he replied to your post. As you know I am completing my MEI but am also set to interview with ASA (when it resumes). ASA is a great program and provides a great opportunity to advance your career. If you study hard in the CIME program you will be ready for ASA. Flight Safety does a great job preparing you for the line. Having your instructor ratings as a back up is a bonus. Besides, you will sharpen your flying skills and learn a lot going through the CFI ratings. Flight Safety has one of the best CFI courses in the field. C-ya soon, ILS

Well I applied for the larger loan to attend FSI and was approved, so with that out of the way I just need to do the little stuff like get driving record, birth cert or whatever else they need etc Was bit concerned about the $1000 deposit (that's almost $2000 AUS) however my mom said she's be happy to loan me the money.

Question, if you get your aditional CFI ratings, and then get hired by the academy, do they then give you cash back on that training? and is that given to you or key loan?

With the 2 months of summer holidays (yes it's summer down here in January) I've been reading through Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook, I know some of it already but Rod goes into far more detail than is needed by the FAA in some areas so I'm learning new stuff as well. That and my 50 odd issues of FLYING shall keep me busy until uni resumes.

Once hired, you pay for your II at the employee rate (free ground school and 40% off flying) up front and then are reimbursed once you stan.

The ASA program is not dependable in my view. It comes and goes based on ASA's need. Right now, as they are phasing out their turboprops, their need is probably not very high.

Also, I have heard that the acceptance rate for the new ASA program is not as high as the old. I think that the numbers for the new program are something like 60% accepted.