Artical about my Squadron


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For those wondering what My squadron in doing here is an artical form sun journal about our participation on the events that are going on around a certain part of this world.. it's pretty interesting ..

My squadron

and Jetcareers gets the Inside Story....

P.s Information posted on the link is unclassified/

I just wanted to give u fellas an unpdate on my Deployment... P.s. Deployment really sucks!!! but articles like make Us feel better about what we are doing here... And we know that we are Making a Difference.. Especially from the Ground Pounding Side.

" Get'em UP " :?D
Wait, are you in that undisclosed meditterainean place right now or is that your old squadron? If your in the mediteranean right now, drop a bomb on one of sadam's palaces for me
You P-3 guys don't know what a real Navy deployment is. Oh no, you do six months in Souda or Sig and believe me I've been to both and that's like a working vacation! How about those guys and women who are onboard all those ships, who aren't able to go on liberty or haven't been off the ship for six or more months. Man you want to kill even your best freind after four months and that's with port calls! I'm just yanking your chain. Some friendly community competition. Keep up the good work out there.