Armless Pilot


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Looks old, maybe a reposte, but thought I'd share


a little more of manipulating the controls



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I love how she held the cowl open with her foot. It reminded me of a cartoon. Shame about them arms though.:tmyk:


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She took her hand off the throttle during take off...I mean foot.:) Awesome to see people with disabilities pursuing a passion.


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awesome, I am glad she still gets to fly.

I did notice though that in the second video, the host said "she invited us to go flying with her", but she went solo instead.
Sounds like the host didn't want to go flying that day.


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Its an ercoupe guys, doesn't have any rudder control.

Ailerons and Rudder are linked, and the landing gear is designed to land in a crab, and align itself with the runway.