Ari-Ben v. ATP


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Don't forget to factor in the hour differences. Ari-Ben is 200 hours, and ATP is...140 hours?


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Both Harlock and aviator737 are correct regarding the hours for ATP... the break down is as follows:

Flight Time

200 Hours Logged Time
190 Hours Multi-Engine Time
--75 Hours Multi-Engine Cross-Country
--62 Hours Multi-Engine Instruction & Flight Checks
--3 Hours Citation 501 Jet
--50 Hours Multi-Engine FTD
10 Hours Single-Engine Time

Certificates & Ratings

Private Multi-Engine
Instrument Multi-Engine
Commercial Multi-Engine
Commercial Single-Engine
Certified Flight Instructor:
--Instrument Airplane
Jet Transition:
--High Altitude Endorsement
--High Performance Endorsement

[/ QUOTE ]

The FTD's are Level 3 so approaches and training time can be logged. To some people that is a turn off and to others it's a benefit of training. You have to decide for yourself. Personally, I wish one of them had both the 200 Hours of ME flight time and the FTD time!



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I personally think you guys are micromanging your training to much. Pick a program that works for you. What ever time table or plans you cook up add a great amount of flexiblity.
When I first started I thought "18 months and I'll have a certain 121 job" 4 years later and I'm saying still saying "right rudder on rotation".........


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What ever time table or plans you cook up add a great amount of flexiblity.

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You are the 2nd person that has said that to me. The first was the VA woman at FSA. She said "I know the school says 6 months but there are so many things in life you can't control. You have to build flexibility into your plans."

Good advice.

Personally, I think it would be great to have a job that requires me to so "right rudder on rotation." Of course, I have trouble with R's and W's so maybe that isn't a good thing!


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I'm heading down to Ari Ben next week. Just a shot in the dark but is there anyone else heading down to check out the school next week?


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I visited Ari-Ben, ATP(Stuart) , and DCA last week and ATP gave me the best impression. DCA was full of $%$# and there was something about Ari-Ben that I didn't like. Don't get me wrong Ari-Ben shot it to me straight and didn't BS. However, there was something about the place that didn't sit right with me. Go down and check it out and decide for yourself.


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I have been to DCA and while I agree that the marketing dept. there piles on the BS, I did feel that they had a lot of great resources available. How do the resources available at ATP and Ari compare?


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I haven't visited DCA but I have visited Ari Ben. As far as Ari Ben Aviator's airplanes go they are old. However, it appears they do a reasonable job keeping them in good working condition. They are not fancy ie. no GPS. The planes do have HSI and DME and at least some, maybe all, have weather radar. As far as the instruction goes it is looks just as good as any other comparable flight school. The instruction is one on one and they will work with you as long as you keep doing your part with the studying. The building is not new but looks ok and has enough space for their operation. It appears they spend money on the important stuff, keeping up the airplanes. That keeps the overhead low and that savings is pasted on to the students. It appears the Aviator is about $8,000 cheaper then ATP. I would suggest you go down and check it out for yourself. Call and let them know when you want to visit and tell them you would like to ride in the back seat for a training flight. That was when I really got to talk to current students, which is a major plus in gaining info on a flight school.


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After ATP's announced price increase, Ari-Ben will be $10k cheaper.

[/ QUOTE ]

Actually Ari will be about $12,645 cheaper for the PPL included rates (before financing)! That is including 3 extra months of rent at $450 at Ari, and +/- $2,400 examiner/book fees at ATP or Ari-Ben

After financing, costs for me with my 5.4% rate make Ari-Ben $18,477 cheaper!!
How Figured:

ATP - $47,390 loan amount = $384.71 @ 5.4% for 180 months = $69,246 Total Amount
(included in cost- $6995 PPL + 37995 CPP + $2400 books/fees)

Ari-Ben - $34,745 loan amount = $282.06 @ 5.4% for 180 months = $50,769 Total Amount
(included in cost- $30995 pro course + $1,350 for 3 mo. rent + $2400 books/fees)

Total Price difference between ATP and Ari-ben @ 5.4% interest = $18,477

So now that I have my interest rate, and loan approval, it makes my decision quite a bit easier! Looks like Ari will save me almost $19K

..or about $100 a month cheaper loan payments, either way that is a HUGE difference in Ari-Bens favor

I really would prefer to attend ATP but the extra
isn't worth $18,477


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