Ari-Ben How's the training?


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Ari-Ben How\'s the training?

I just spoke with Julian and a young lady (who's name currently and perhaps forever, escapes me) on the phone today. I was very impressed with their professionalism. If the rest of the company is even half as professional, I think my training choice is made.

I would like to hear from Ari Ben students and instructors about the program there. And in particular, if they felt it (the training) prepared them for a future in aviation.

I know some smart a$$ with tell me to use the search button. However, in my own feble defense, I just feel the need for fresh information. So blast away, then answer my question.
Re: Ari-Ben How\'s the training?

Use the search button!
Just kidding couldn't resist being the smart a$$ that I am. I was very impressed with the outfit as a whole. Go to the main Ari-Ben section and read my elvaluation under the thread titled "visit to the Aviator". You will find a lot of useful info there. I covered most of the gammit.

I have been in contact with them since my visit and they continue to be helpful in my preparations for the move down mid Jan. When I have questions or need help or info, I ask for Julian or Ari himself and usually get Ari. He has been there to do whatever he can for my arrival. When you call you will probably get one of the CFI's maintaining the front desk in the lobby. So if you have a question, ask if their a CFI and they will be glad to give you info. They have been helpful in answering some of my housing/storage questions.

So DTA, is that a Cheetah I see behind you? Yours? What are your future plans, aviation-wise? If that's you in the pic then I'm sure you also remember the tv show Sky King. I used to love that show. Most of what I remember is the Cessna 310. And pretty Penny. And the Cessna. That's about it, but I watched it every week just to drool over the cool twin. And Penny. Did I mention the Cessna?

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. This is a great web-site for information.

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Re: Ari-Ben How\'s the training?

Oh' yeah, I remember Penny. And the Cesna too.

I hope to make a career change into aviation, I'm 41 so I know I'll have some challenges. With any luck I'll be heading to Fla. in January to tour Ari-Ben and maybe ATP. I've pretty much decided against FSI (money) and most of the other big name, deep pockets schools. My goal will be to make my final selection and then try to get down there and start training before mid March.

The plane behing me is a Grob Bavairian, or Grob 115C. Unfortunately it's a rental, but it's a real joy to fly. The Grob is two place (side by side) fully aerobatic, stick and rudder plane, with fantastic visibilty. I'll miss it greatly.
Re: Ari-Ben How\'s the training?

Sounds like fun. Fully aerobatic, woohoo! I've yet to fly a stick, but look forward to it. I think the next thing for me while I'm down there is is to fly the Cub to not only get a tail wheel endorsement, but mainly for the pure fun of it. Everyone says that the Cub is fun to fly. The tailwheel endorsement part is only a caveat to add to my logbook mainly. Not of any practical use I think for future pro purposes, but also a good skill bulider. I might instead take an upset recovery course somewhere that will not only give me lifesaving skills but a slight bonus on my resume and a general kick in the pants.

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