Are you in Austin on Grande Communications?


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I've had some reports that there are some connectivity problems in Austin to the server.

If you're on "Grande Communications", let me know.
Wish I had the option for grande. Time Warner is woring fine anyway.

Grande is the most unreliable craptastic provider I've ever used.

They have a nasty habit of puking DNS entries and servers and not noticing. I was the one who raised the flag on this.

Unfortunately, due to the apartment complex I live in, I don't have a choice. They own the wire. If I want a choice (like U-verse or anything else) I have to move. And I'm here until at LEAST next June.
Yeah Seems that whole thing was a DNS issue... changing over to openDNS is the way to go... By the way, I'm on AT&T and never looked back at Time Warner... money hungry bastards..

I tried for years to get Grande, But I refused to change my address to get their service..

but love Austin..

all us Austin JCers need to get together for a beer or something sometime