Are we close to the end???


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As we all know the airline industry is going through some ruff turbulence, for a 17 year old pilot who wants to make a career out of this, do you think it is time to bail or move on with an airlinecareer. what i am trying to say is by the time i actually make it to the airlines will they be gone??
t's only just a new beginning, young Grasshopper!

You're in a good position... by the time you're done with your flight training and are ready to get into the industry, all these furloughed guys and laid off pilots will be back to work and the off the street hiring should be back up with a vengence.

Bottom line.. The industry might look a little different in a couple of years, but it's certainly not going away.

The industry is cyclical. It goes through a major downturn every ten years. The industry struggled in the early 80's, only to have an upturn at the end of the 80's. It struggled again in the early 90's when Pan Am, Eastern and Midway shut down, and Continental and America West were in bankruptcy, and more pilots were on the street then than there are now.. By the late 90's we were in a hiring boom. Now in the early 00's we have another downturn. Within a few years you will again see a major boom. The key is to get to a good major at the beginnning of the next upcycle, so you can weather the next downturn which WILL come in the early 10's.