Are These Contract Towers?


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Still looking for a job and came across this. Are these the new contract towers?

yes. I got a job offer with them when I got out of the Navy but turned it down cause it was in the sticks of colorado. They pay is not bad, however, no benefits whatsoever and no job security either. They dont pay u a relocation allowance or anything and if your not progressing as they see fit, you can be terminated immediately. Also, if u dont have a CTO, dont bother, ur not even eligible


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Ha, one of the is Bethel, AK. You couldn't pay me enough to go there. That place is REMOTE!

Juliet Lima

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those aren't NEW contract towers. those are just the ones that Serco has an opening for.

if you want a challenge, apply for Mesa, AZ. it's the busiest contract tower in the nation. ~290,000 operations in 2007. not too shabby for a contract tower. that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 40th busiest airport in the US.


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Spokane is FAA, I wonder what they're doing on the list.

EDIT: Must be talking about Felts field (SFF).


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I spent a day at the Sacramento Executive contract tower. Those guys are so laid back and cool to talk to. They had really good stories too!