Are there any expat airline pilots on this forum (flying in Middle East/Asia)?


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Are there any expat airline pilots on this forum employed overseas with any of the Middle Eastern carriers (ie Quatar Air, Gulf Air, Kuwaiti Airways etc.) or the Asian carriers (Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines etc.) I read somewhere that the major Asian carriers would not be as devastated by this War as the US (and certain Western European) airlines. Despite this however, one can still speculate that layoffs are forthcoming at those airlines. Are the expats normally the first ones to " get sent packing"?
Ground pounder here, hope if you do not mind if I add my 2 cents.

I used to work for Nippon Cargo Airlines which was part of ANA, the answer to your question is Yes & No. They will let the Ex Pats go if it will protect a local pilots job, only problem is that some of the pilots are hired through leasing companies so it could take years for this phase out to happen.

I have a buddy working for Emriates on the 777, and they have quite a large number of Ex Pats working there, his job is quite safe for a while. Emirates is growing pretty fast and they can not find enough qualified local pilots to fill the slots.

Guess it always depends on the situation, company, and equipment as to how you are treated...