Apptitude Testing


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New Guy's,

Is FSA still giving, the Psychological/Apptitude test.? /ubbthreads/images/icons/crazy.gif If so, what was on the test, and what is this Human Factors.?

The school charges $100 for the Test, and $50 for Human Factors, is this really necessary in order to get hired by prospective regionals or corporate charters.?

The aptitude test is given when you are about half way through the course, which begs me to wonder, "why wait until I'm half way through flight training to find out if I've got the 'right stuff'?" Before I get everyone in an uproar, that was SARCASM! Really, folks. Honestly, it is a test that is given to new hires of many airlines/flight departments anyway, so by taking it here now, you can see where your strengths are & what are your weaknesses. The test is completely confidential (or so they say?). It really isn't a test that you can study for, it is a bunch of timed word quizzes & simple numeric puzzles, interspersed with personality traits such as: "I am more likely to spend time saddled up to the bar at the Riverside, than sittng in my dorm room all night flaming wannabe's on the JetCareers bulletin board eating cheetos out of the vending machine." Then you just have to answer on a scale of 1-5 if that describes you. That's pretty much it. I actually thought it was a pretty interesting excersize.