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I'm finding that my hours totals don't ever seem to match my logbook totals- and I'm sure mine are accurate- I use logtenpro (since 2008). When I switched over from a paper logbook, I simply entered one line for every aircraft type (of course combining C152/C172 since they're basically the same) and don't have the "night flying/landings/simulated hood time" totals unless I go back digging. I assume that the majors really only would care about the detailed information for the large transport aircraft I've been flying- since those have been mostly with Logten, they are extremely accurate.

Anyway, this difference between the hours matrices on the online apps and my resume logbook totals- could this be a reason I wouldn't get any calls for interviews?


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I doubt it. I update my resume all the time so very often my application hour totals don't match the resume numbers. I know some regionals in the past have used stuff like that for a screening process and kicked out applications that don't match but I'd think at a major/national/legacy level it wouldn't matter.

They probably just don't like your choice in musical instrument.


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I've interviewed with about 5 regionals, and none of them really cared, except one, that was Eagle, they had a serious stick up their butt about every decimal adding up on your Airline Apps, paper app and resume. I bet major/legacy/LCC don't really give a rats how much night time as PIC in a C152 you have.

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They never can reconcile to the decimal between the three for the simple reason that Airline Apps makes you round to the closest whole hour when you enter your data. The only way around that is to do it the same way in your logbook.