Application Status


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Hi everyone,

I have recently submitted my online application to the Distance Learning office for a BS in Professional Aeronautics. I was wondering how long it usually takes in order to hear back from them regarding the status of the application.

Thank you very much!


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I applied early last October through the mail and I got a letter back from daytona beach later that month. I got a letter back from Prescott in early November.


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Thank you. Did you receive any kind of e-mail correspondence from them as well?

Thanks again!


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My situation was kinda weird. I was accepted and enrolled in classes in Daytona Beach, but then my car imploded. So, I withdrew from Daytona Beach and switched to Distance Learning. I think it was like a month for them to re-evaluate my credits and figure out what I needed. I got the "congrats you have been accepted" letter in the mail, and from there it was about a month before I got the info on what classes transferred and what I still needed to take. I just took my first mid-terms yesterday, and I should start my second term of distance learning in Feb.