AOPA membership

I've been a member since 1998. I like the magazine, although I enjoy Flying magazine a little more. I like the rental car discounts. I like being a member of an organization that supports the freedom of GA. I wouldn't have been able to get my ratings for under 30k if it wasn't for that.
member since 1999. Also have a collection of back issues I got from my grandfather going back to around 1977.

It's fun to read about what THE FUUUUTUUUURE looked like to them ;)
I just joined up this year.

FIT sent me an offer to knock down the price to $20 so I figured why not? Then again, I don't know the regular price so I don't know if I'm really getting a deal, haha.
I'm a member solely for access to the legal plans. And the magazine kills time on deadheads.

It's tax deductible too
I'm a member solely for access to the legal plans. And the magazine kills time on deadheads.

It's tax deductible too

I was just looking through some of the mail they sent me today and really liked the Legal Service Plan as well. It's only $55 for commercial, $29 for Private pilots and seems to be really worth it just in case you run into any trouble with the FAA.
The renter's insurance also makes a lot of sense but I don't need it since I belong to a club and am include in the policy.
The Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance broshure was a bit of a weird read but I can see that it has it's place.

As far as the magazine is concerned it does keep you on the ball on some topics that may tend to slip your mind. I like the quizes too.
I find the best GA magazine in terms of shear reading pleasure to be Pilot Getaways Magazine.
I have it because of the Legal Services Plan and the Group Life Insurance Plan. The life insurance was literally 1/4 of what some places were going to charge me. Recently, I had a student of mine do something stupid, so I figured the $55 legal services plan would be a good investment.

For the regular membership, it is worth it. Their website, especially the ASF stuff (which you can get a free account) is 100% worth it.

Besides, you get a sweet hat or flight bag.:laff::laff:
You also get $10 off CATS tests. In my case, that alone will make AOPA pay for itself. Planning to take commercial, FOI, FIA, IGI, FII this year. That's $50 I'll save altogether.

In any case, having AOPA to lobby congress is worth the money. I live near a fantastic little airport (KSPG), and without AOPA we would lose the best GA airports in the US rather quickly.
Man the wealth of knowledge you gain from the resources provided through AOPA alone, is priceless. I will continue to renew my membership, as long as my pockets do not get too shallow ;).
Where is my AOPA Pilot magazine? I need something new to read on the crapper. I renewed over a week ago... Don't dissapoint me again AOPA!!
YES!!! Really get into the web site and member services! I have saved a lot of money over the years with AOPA discounts. I have also used several of their services. I will always maintain an AOPA membership!