AOPA Membership--is it worth it?

I didn't renew mine. Their mag. sucks and I never used their services. Plus they were always calling me for donations- big turn off. AOPA Flight Training is alright, but I get that for free being a CFI. I probably wouldn't pay for it though.
It is worth it--without a doubt. You have access to a ton of stuff (flight planning, TFR info, approach plates, WX, aircraft valuation, airport directories, medical info, et al) on their website that the general public has no access to. I love their magazine--much, much better than Flying Magazine. AOPA has very active lobyists that defend GA in DC, state, and local governments

I have been a member for many years. I have also belonged to EAA, NAFI and other organizations. AOPA is the ONLY ONE I renew year after year.

Here are some of the perks:
-AOPA Pilot Magazine
-AOPA Flight Training Magazine
-Medical Info
-Airport Directory
-Approach Plates online
-FREE AD&D Insurance
-Aircraft valuation services
-Online flight planning, WX, TFR info

All for $39.00 a year. You cannot go wrong.
Yes...I do. The mag is one of the three I bother to read. The others are IFR mag and the EAA mag. I get Flight Training for free but wouldn't pay two cents for it. Also, I think AOPA does a good job of standing up for General Aviation.
I am going to be signing up for AOPA membership on the 15th of this month. I can't pass off the opportunity to get that free Cap...
That's a toughie. I always say "yeah", right up until the renewal bill comes in the mail, which is right about now. If you look at it as just a magazine subscription, then yeah, it's a bit pricey--especially with that $10 subscription card for FLYING staring me in the face (didn't renew that subscription, FLYING pales in comparison to AOPA PILOT). But when you consider the extras that come with it--the aviation safety seminars, the online resources, and especially the new real-time flight planner software--it's not a bad deal, all told.

The magazine is the best out there as far as I'm concerned. It speaks to the kind of flying I'm doing now--and to the kind of flying I hope to be doing in the future, via its "turbine pilot" articles.

I learned the value of the new real-time flight planning software in the midst of all the TFR craziness that accompanied the SoCal fires; not only did we have active aerial firefighting ops underway, but we had Dubya and his traveling TFR pay us a visit as well. The flight planning software graphically depicts the complete TFR situation with up-to-the-minute currency.

Oh, and don't forget the free hat!
I joined because I like the online services and because AOPA is often the only thing standing in the way of aviation and a whole trainload of paranoid regulation. Ok, and for the cool hat, too.
Very much worth it. The magazine is great and don't forget the behind the scenes lobby protecting our freedom of flight priviliges.
Definitely worth it.

Aside from the stuff mentioned earlier, don't forget that you get a $10 discount from CATS on your writtens with an AOPA membership.
AOPA Membership--is it worth it?

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Yes it is. The political presence in Washington, and assistance with local airport issues alone is worth the money.
I think it's worth it and it has a highly readable magazine.

Much more readable to, gasp, "Flying" in a lot of respects.

(D'oh! Another nail in my PR coffin from Flying magazine! Dem guys no like me!
Great! Very interesting that some like and some don't, but I guess everything is that way. I think I will get this for Corbin for Valentine's Day. He still gets FLYING too, but I am guessing you can't have too many mags right? (Especially with the amount of toilet reading he does!
(Especially with the amount of toilet reading he does!

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Uh, yeah. Too much information.


I'm a member and I've enrolled in the legal service plan. I've never really used their services, but as a ATP PIC without any ALPA legal backing, I think it's good insurance. It's a bit spendy ($99/year for ATP coverage), but I guess that one altitude bust or paperwork error could make it all worth it!

I like the magazine, it makes for good light reading at FL350. . . uh, I mean in the crew lounge. . .

Who else is going to look after general avaition's interests in Washington? That is the foremost reason to be a member.

Also (I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet) you can then get to AOPA credit card which has a 5% FBO rebate. I saved $250 flying last year (the max you can get). So lets see, 250 - 39 = a good deal.

Plus you get the green hat. Which is AWESOME!!!! I wear mine everywhere.
I'm still a member, although I had to think hard about renewing since I've only flown GA once in the past year.

I like the magazine, the airport directory can be helpful, and I've called with questions many times over the years. The service that I use most is the website, especially the online reference library.
Do you need this ATP insurance when you only have a commercial?

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For the membership, yeah it's worth it! I dunno if you have to be a member or not for the credit card thing, but it saved me $250 last year on flight training. Strangly, I'm still broke