AOPA Interactive 8710 form


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I just got the June issue of Flight Training in the mail today and saw that AOPA now has an interactive 8710 form you can fill out online. It will enter all the information and makes sure everything is accurate, then when you are done you can print it. Just sign and you are ready for the checkride. I just thought that those of us getting ready for checkrides in the near future could find it useful. Check it out at AOPA Interactive 8710.

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I keep getting an "error" screen after I'm told that I've been successfully logged into AOPA...??
I keep getting an "error" screen after I'm told that I've been successfully logged into AOPA...??

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Yeah, that's a members-only feature at the AOPA website. HOWEVER, if you happen to own (or know somebody that does own) a legal,legitimate vopy of Adobe Acrobat (the free Acrobat Reader won't do this), you can download the 8710 in .PDF format right off of the FAA website, print it, and save your info in a heartbeat!! All you need is Adobe Acrobat. Just make sure that the friend with the computer that has acrobay didn't just download one of the many ILLEGAL, bootleg copies of Acrobat on such peer to peer file sharing sites like KAZAA (, or anyplace like that...alot of that going around now.
Not to preach, but anyone who can afford flight training should pay the $40 and become an AOPA member. They're the only ones fighting for our rights as GA pilots. And the magazine is cool!

Yeah definately join AOPA if you are flying or remotely thinking about it. They have an unbelievable amount of information available to pilots of all experience. The $40 goes along way with all the benefits you get.
I just join for the magazine and to support them. I've never really used any of their member services or spent much time on their website. The one thing that is beginning to annoy me is getting calls on my cell phone from the ASF asking for money!
You don't actually give your real number to companies these days do you? What could they possibly need your number for except to harass you with dinner-time sales. Call them back, say you've got a new number, and watch the phone calls end.
Yeah, I made the stupid mistake of doing just that. I can't remember what, but it must have been online wouldnt let me do it without putting a phone number in there. For some reason I was dumb enough to put my cell (which is my only) phone number in there. I've since gone back and changed it...waiting for the calls to stop.