Anywhere in the US FBO recommedations!


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Okay, alright I already know what EVERYONE is thinking. Not this guy right? Well.....right.

Okay I've dumped the large flight school idea and willing to take ANYONES recommendation to a local FBO in the U.S. I am willing to relocate wherever to get this done. I have literally spent days/weeks/months researching this and now am only going to ask people based on their recommendations.

If anyone out there has had an exceptional experience with their local FBO please fill a brotha in. I have lost sleep over this as the time is drawing near for me to make my decision, and I'm tired of working myself up over it. I have my ASEL PPL and Instrument rating with close to 100TT and want to go all the way through MEI (as does everyone else).

The purpose of this thread is to get any and all info from anyone that felt their training with ma and pop was exceptional and to put me in contact with them. I'm about researched out, and the wife is complaining of my constant attention to the computer instead of her. I'm looking for any 141 schools, VA approved, that someone would highly recommend because of their experience there.

I'm not trying to get opinions that pt 61 is better than 141 or Academies are better than FBO's...I'm looking for someone that thought their instructor/school/prices etc. would be worth relocating for.

Thanks in advance and please no thread bashing....(come on I'm a rookie)



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Definitely not a Part 141 environment, but I am a member of a flying club in Dallas that has good rates on planes and good instructors too.

I would try and do your hour building and commercial as cheap as possible, for example by joining a flying club - there are many out there, and then go to a CFI academy somewhere, such as American Flyers, CPS or ATP. That is may plan anyhoo.