Anyone work at SFO? Got a few questions


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Anyone work at SFO? I just got a job as a fueler and I start orientation next week. Apparently we get free parking for employees (not sure which lot we're allowed to park in yet) Is there a single parking lot just for airport employees or are their multiple lots? How do the shuttles work? Specifically between the employee parking lot(s) to the airport?
I used to be based at LAX and I thought they had a pretty inefficient employee shuttle from the lot (didn't help that I was the last stop at the airport).

Now I'm SFO based and I'm shocked to see that this employee parking system is even less efficient. It seems like there's only one bus going at a time. Just tonight I waited over 10 minutes for that bastard to pick me up (#firstworldprpblems).

As far as I can tell there are 2 lots. I park at the Westfield Garage. It's nice to not have to park the car outdoors (Coming back to a dust-covered car at LAX got old pretty quickly) but getting in and out of the garage can be slow depending on who you get stuck behind. But like I said, the bus can be pretty slow. It should be telling that our employer suggests a half hour lead time to get to the terminal. I wish I could take BART more often and just know exactly how long I need to plan for getting to work.
This is going way back (way back) but all employees used to park across from the UA MOC in a parking garage.
PM me when you find out which lot, then I can answer. You're either in Westfield, Lot D, Lot B, Intl A, Intl G, or Short term.
Thank you everyone for the quick replies.

ChasenSFO - I'll PM you when I find out which lot I'm allowed to park in.
Ha! Try 20.

That's such BS. I'm guessing the management types that make the decisions about the number of buses get to park very close to their offices.

I actually had one driver try to get clever and maneuver around traffic but then couldn't get back over to the right lane for the bus stop before he passed it, so he stopped in the left lane and had me walk in between the cars in the right lane to get on board. Also had another driver stop the bus and walk to the back to scold a woman for having an open beverage (not booze, just water or soda). Everyone on the bus was like "Did that really just happen?"