anyone using surecheck's TPAS?


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anyone using surecheck\'s TPAS?

I was going to ask this anyways, but this 2nd fatal midair accident in the area I am flying scares me even more.

Those who fly S FL know that the Coral Springs and the North Perry training areas equal to Zoo around 8-12AM and later in the afternoon. Midair here is my #1 safety concern.

I am thinking to buy this TPAS since it seems I can carry it from one airplane to the next and it can be bought for $4-500. Since I am flying in the mode C veil most the time it should give me alert for I would say 90% of the traffic. Of course scanning is still important although I think scanning alone is simply bull. You may detect 30% but you wont ever see the guy below you climbing or above you descending etc...

Anyways back to TPAS. The questions are:

Is it worth? Anyone using it? Please post your opinions.

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When I was in the UK one of the lads I flew with had one, and it seemed to work very well. it just gives you a heads up. But do not rely on it, and check its batteries frequently.
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Sounds pretty cool. Can you post a link to where I could check it out. I would want to have it in southern florida for sure. I did some flying around PMP and that place is a midair waiting to happen. I had TCAS and it was going off like crazy the whole time. Scary
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I also fly out of HWO (DCA) and I agree that the training area is too crowded to say the least. I try to stay away from the shoreline because of what happend the other day.
This device would become an extra pair of eyes all around you. The school should make the investment and equip all of its airplanes with TPAS.
Thats what I think.
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Well they should or not... I don't know about that. We can't expect the schools to give all the goodies. Sure it would have been nice to have a storm scope, a TCAS and if we are at it a parachute for the plane and for myself as well... for my x-country
... and than I would have had to pay $300/hour for a 172 alone LOL... Someone has to pay for the goodies right?

I was not really into any of the gadgets, though GPS and a 2nd radio would be great, but I just could not justify the cost at this point. But I think I will get one of these TPAS. That is if they will let me use it. I will have to find that out...

Just today again another plane flew by us about 200-250 yards away exact same 2500' altitude.

Sorry I kind of bump this up (fir the last time) but I hoped more folks would give me some feedback on this tool (I mean the TPAS).
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I keep thinking more and more about picking one of these things up. I did a checkout in an Archer in Ann Arbor, MI today and when I was doing some manuvers the instructor looks out to the right and says "Well that's kind of a big plane to be doing steep turns." I couldn't really tell what it was, kinda looked like a Saab 340 or something of similar size in a decently steep turn in the practice field at our alt. Kinda weird to see.


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