Anyone selected for ZOB?


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Has anyone else been slotted for ZOB near Cleveland? It is a Level 12 Facility, does anyone have any information about that centers staffing, difficulty, ect...?


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Yes, I too am being considered for future employment at ZOB. Coming OTS, I can't tell you too much about facility specifics. From what I've read, it's the busiest ARTCC in the U.S., and it covers airspace over parts of New York, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and I believe southern Canada. For what it's worth, I took a trip to Oberlin, and found it to be quaint and pleasant. Right by the Oberlin College campus, which is beautiful, is a small historic town. All of this is a stone's throw from the Cleveland ARTCC. The facility itself is housed inside a rather non-descript building, but I did notice a decent outdoor area with a gazebo and what looked like comfortable wooden lawn chairs. I'm not sure that last detail is important, but it's all I've got:D

BTW, I just recently moved from Buffalo to Cleveland. If you have any questions about Cleveland, or more specifically moving from Buffalo to Cleveland, I would be happy to help.