Anyone seen "View From the Top"?


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Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

I saw this film last friday and actually found it pretty enjoyable. I don't know if you've seen the previews, but it follows a group of flight attendants through their training and the beginning of their careers, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Mike Meyers, and Christina Applegate.

Although it was VERY cheesy, corny, etc etc, I still found it interesting because of the way it followed the airline "career ladder". The girls in the movie start out at a pretty seedy regional in Carson City then struggle to move up to the majors, hitting a few snags along the way. Although it was far from factual, I could identify with a lot of the humor.

In the end, it's more of a chick flick due to the embedded romance story involving the main character. I wonder if I should be concerned about the fact that I liked it and my girlfriend hated it.....but it does have a pilot-oriented twist at the end.

Just wondering what anyone else out there thought about it.
Re: Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

I saw it, and the thing I noticed was the amount of girls at the theatre.

At that point I knew there was hope!
Re: Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

Yea, my wife and I saw it too!! Call me cheesy but I thought it was good. Even though it was totally fictious I guess it was good to see someone make it to the top and made me feel like there's hope!!
Re: Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

I tried to get my friend to go see it with me Saturday, but she said it was to much of a chick flick. Go figure
Re: Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

Yeah it was really chick flicky. But it was a good one! Some movies are best when you just sit back, relax, and enjoy.
Re: Anyone seen \"View From the Top\"?

I heard that it was actually filmed in early 2001 but wasn't released because of Sept. 11.

Guess I'll have to convince someone to go see it with me.