Anyone out there starting March 1?

To the new JAX ppilots . . .
Study hard! I'm a recent graduate of the PP program @ JAX and have been to several checkouts now at different FBO's to fly their airplanes (one of them in Anaheim, near LAX). They all have been surprised at the level of proficiency I have been trained to (especially how quickly). The airspace at KCRG is busy and a good training environment. If you know of a training flight that doesn't have someone backseat . . take the backseat! (you can learn alot from your fellow students) If the winds are gusty and you can get "The Big Till" to fly you around in it so you can practice . . .DO IT! (and he will) Most of all remember you are doing something most people wouldn't even attempt (at an intimidating pace), and I won't BS you it will be intense, but it is paying off for me big time.

Good luck!
hey dale,
What airport is in Anaheim?? Are you talking about John Wayne? If its at john wayne, is it Lenair aviation? Are you doing the ACP in Sac or riverside? I hope your doing good out there.
Hey BLEE, yes it was Lenair Aviation, @ SNA. I checked out for Catalina, and as the sun went down for night and we went throught the special VFR corridor directly over LAX . . . that was cool. Hey, a brother of my roommate here in the ACP program is supposed to have enrolled for the PPL starting March (I just heard). Hope things are going well. regards