Anyone in Philly?


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Hi everyone. I am moving to Philly this coming October. Does anyone recommend any flying clubs or pilot organizations up there? As always, I am looking for pilots to fly with once I get settled in. The girlfriend has problems keeping lunch down, so flying with her tends to be interesting. (Yes, she would kick my butt if she knew I posted that on here.)

Oh, and since I brought up hurling, does anyone know if those electronic bracelet things actually prevent motion sickness?



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Heres a great orginization which excist in lots of places (guessing it it would exist in Philadelphia). Its Civil Air Patrol, check it out at Civil Air Patrol . As far air sickness yes many people have it. Usually theres two main things taht cause it. Ones just motion sickness and the other is being hot with that sun facing you (this happens to me and I get nautious lots and have thrown up becuase of it). Best thing to do for motion sickness is to by a motion band or get you're passenger to take a medicine such as a dramamine (wouldnt suggest the PIC using a medication though) or you can by a Motion band that will help. As far as the heat just get fans and point that A/C vent on you.


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I cannot recomend any flying clubs or other organizations to you. But to rent from, at PNE Hortman Aviation is a nice place. They have Grummans, 152s, 172s, and other planes and for very reasonable prices. In fact, I just flew a 172 this morning. It was VERY hazy.



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I live down in DE. If your looking for the $100 hamburger check out GED, Georgetown, DE. Nicest food I've had at an airport.