Anyone here a pilot for a private employer?


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Then it sounds like you made your decision. Be happy with it. You researched it and decided to pass for a number of valid reasons. Don't let the lure of living in Europe lead you to make a decision that your gut tells you is wrong.

Wow, thanks... I was expecting a rebuttal arguing your point. Appreciate the support :nana2:

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I personally think you have made a great decision. In a few years with more TT under your belt and some high performance time, absolutely...jump all over an offer like this.

At this point in time, that is an absolutely absurd amount of responsibility to put on yourself, whether you are 18 or 45, it does not matter. The fact that you realize this and sound like you have made a rational decision based on the facts is tremendously in your favor!!! You have shown more maturity than most people my age would have.

It also sounds like your uncle has given you some great advice. Your parents, on the other hand...:rolleyes:. LOL Not everybody is in the mafia over here. There's a lot of oil money in this region and, yes, I'm sure there is a mafia over here in Eastern Europe, but not every job would be for them.

As far as you now giving the location as being Russia (Moscow, maybe?)...yeah, that puts even more stress on you and the flying there is entirely different than in Mediterranean Europe. QFE, QNH, Meters, arrivals, vectors when the dignitaries are coming or going. A 90 degree intercept for the ILS. Follow me cars, push backs, visas. I can keep going if you want, but this is what you were about to get in to.

Good luck in your future endeavours. You seem to be a very smart guy and one of these days I'll see you on the other side of the world. Build up that experience, learn to be an aviator and enjoy the ride up. It's a blast!!:D


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Having skimmed over the past few posts, and bickering about experience aside, I think you have made a respectful decision. The first sign of being a professional aviator is knowing when you will be getting in over your head. All too often, the cowboys would say "hells yeah, lemme at it", and then somewhere along the line they hurt themselves, either physically or otherwise. Hang in there and more opportunities will certainly come your way.


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I think you said you would be based in Russia. If that is the case then it is a smart move not to work there. I'll be real brief: Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world. And, Russian aviation regulations are WAY different than what you are used to. I have been trained by a legacy airline on how to fly in Russia and I still don't understand everything. Oh yeah, they still use NDB airways with very few VORs. Not a big deal with GPS but, it gives you an idea as to the quality.


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not to mention QFE instead of QNH

I think you made a wise decision in waiting/ passing on this offer.