anyone got any info on this one?

Only that the media seems to have its usual degree of accuracy in reporting on this one. Anyone ever been able to keep the nose in the air "until the aircraft stops"? I've done my best to hold the nose off in the King Air, but it comes down around 60 knots no matter what I do.

This article was obviously written by an idiot.
This article was obviously written by an idiot.

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You meant to say ignorant or uneducated, right? He strings verbs, nouns, and adjectives together better than some I've read lately.
Yeah, I thought the same thing about the article. However, It makes me wonder whether it was in the press release because I heard the exact same sentence on the radio--not an abc station might have been aca's attempt to bring the airplane down to the level of knowledge of the press.
Yeah... I was driving to work yesterday morning just south of IAD and saw this airplane turn to a pretty tight final for 1R. Weather wasn't the best either... maybe a mile visibility and snow. The nose gear looked to have partially dropped. When I got to work I immediately checked local media outlets for any news, but could not find anything. I thought to myself that I must of just been seeing things. Glad to see that I did indeed witness what I thought I saw and that I'm not going crazy.
Yeah, the owner of my flight school in manassas is a j-41 captain. thought maybe he would know something, but he didnt. Saw him this morning, hoping to get some details, but nothing really. So, the plane mustve been on the ils, didnt get three green and went around....that would be my guess for flying the base leg to final in a mile and snow.
what woudl the proper procedure be for this....dont you think in low vis conditions they would climb and go missed...then maybe sort it out in the hold? doesnt seem prudent to fly a normal pattern in low vis and snow, unless of course fuel was a concern.