Anyone go to the John Tenney Seminar?


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Was he taller in person?
LOL actually it was an Airline seminar and featured not only myself but Al Steele and Lynda Stein.

I may not be taller but I'm definitely wider around
Just had to tease you!

Yeah, I'm a gargantuan 5'8.

5'11" in stilettos...
I went to the seminar and mock interview and will say that it was a very informative expierence. John, Al, and Lynda did a great job of portraying what an airline interview is like and gave good individual critiques on how to do better. Everything from tech questions, role playing, HR scenarios, to even "shave those sideburns and get a new tie"
Al is really picky when it comes to ties. I'm picky when it comes to sideburns.

Most of that stuff won't make a big difference but you REALLY don't want to give the interviewer anything to distract them from what you are saying, so it's best to err on the safe side.

I thought most of the ties were ok, Al only liked two of them!
I just finished them about an hour ago. I'll be sending them in a pile to Kelly. If you have a real email (i.e. not hotmail or yahoo, which will not allow attachments) send me a PM and I'll email you yours.
Yeah, I'm a gargantuan 5'8.

5'11" in stilettos...

[/ QUOTE ]
Anybody else find the image of Doug in stilettos disturbing?
I've heard back from two of our "victims" that had interviews. Both got hired at JetExpress (The commuter formerly known as COEx) and one got an offer from Mesa as well.

I haven't heard from anyone else though, and these two I had to find out about from Kelly. Hello? Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?
Both got hired at JetExpress (The commuter formerly known as COEx)

[/ QUOTE ]
Actually, that's "ExpressJet" not JetExpress.

Here's the link: ExpressJet
JetExpress, ExpressJet, Comair, DCA, Valujet, Airtran, whatever!

What is this with all these name changes anyway? Why did COEx feel they had to change their image?
Agreed. Just wanted your readers to be able to check the proper site if they so desired. I know I did.

And - as usual - no minimums posted.
Ah well. Nowhere near minimums for anyone anyway.
Well my young Padawan, are you coming to our seminar next week? Better hurry if you are, the preregistration price ends Saturday