Anyone go to Octoberwest?


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I thought about it myself, but when I learned that it was a dry event and how they have my fraternity on probation, I decided it wasn't worth the 90 minute drive and overpriced hotel room just to stand around, eat stale sandwiches and get pimped for alumni donations.

How did it go, anyway?
I think many people are gonna skip out on Octoberwest this year. I just talked to one of my friends and he said it was a joke. I'm glad you saved your money. Some people are speculating that maybe there won't be an Octoberwest next year. They took away the alcohol at Spring Fling last spring and there is not going to be a Spring Fling this year. Notice a pattern? It's bad enough that the school doesn't do anything to increase student envolvement, but now they are taking away what little we have left. The Daytona campus had the Thunderbirds last year for the 75th anniversary and homecoming. Our Octoberwest consisted of the T-6 taxiing to our ramp for a static display. (Sorry if I show a hint of bitterness towards the other campus)
Back when I was in college, Octoberwest and Spring Fling were huge and loads of fun. It really helped bring the alumni back into town and gave a good sense of community.

It's too bad that ERAU took that route of diminishing the homecoming. I had a party here in Scottsdale last night and a lot of alumni and a few current students came down to my house. Most of them that I talked to heard through the grapewine about the changes and decided not to even bother attending at all.