Anyone ever hear of Propilot in Ft. Lauderdale


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I've been searching for flight schools in Florida and stumbled upon a place called Propilot training in Ft. Lauderdale. They guarantee a job upon completion. They also boast 1,200 hrs. of TT with 100 instrument and 200 ME all for the low low price of 39K. If anyone has heard of these guys, let me know. Sounds GREAT!!!!!! But then again, so does the high of heroin.

I am assuming you wrote that tongue in cheek....


Give me $40K....I'll promise you a job!
Of course it was needle in cheek. Just wondering if it's possible that these guys actually guarantee a job 100%. I've never heard of the school before. I was just wondering if anyone has. Go to Look for yourself.
Actually, I was hoping you were being sarcastic about the guarunteed job. I knew you were kidding about the heroin. There is no such thing as a "guarunteed job". Sorry.

I figured that there was no such thing as a guaranteed job, but they still claim that on their website. The balls on some of these places. I can't wait to fly.