Anyone at or planing to be at Prescott?


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I just got accepted to the Aerospace Studies Program at ERAU's Prescott campus. Anyone there or is any one planing to go there. Im so excited.
Congratulations! I am a junior in high school, and I am debating whether I should shell out the $$$ to attend.
congrats, i was planning to apply through ED but i figured why not keep my options open. so, im going to apply this thursday so we'll see what happens.
Good man... I think you made a well educated and wise decision with that brutus.

If anyone is gonna be in DAB, I might see ya there. I think I am going to transfer in there for the buisness program, so if anyone plans to be there in sept give me the heads up...
Has anyone here thats been considering ERAU at DAB considered the Florida Institute of Technology? I know a couple of people who have transferred into FIT from ERAU and like it alot more. From what I hear, the cost is about the same but you get alot more flight time and more of an overall college experience.
Thanks guys!

Im looking for a roommate that I could get to know. Im not a very social person and would feel better If I could get to know my roommate before I loive with them. Just one of them stupid things I have I guess.
I looked at FIT when I was considering ERAU at Daytona Beach and decided to go with the Prescott campus.

Years later, I got to tour FIT and it really didn't compare with ERAU whatsoever.

Apples and oranges!
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Years later, I got to tour FIT and it really didn't compare with ERAU whatsoever.

Apples and oranges!

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Doug, what exactly do you mean by this? Does this mean that they are very different, or were you implying that FIT is not as good? I havent had the chance to visit either yet, but lately I've been hearing alot of ERAU "horror" storys, and some good stuff about FIT
I personally didn't feel that FIT was the same caliber of operations as ERAU.

Let me briefly speak about "horror stories". Every school has an element of students that weren't satisfied with the training environment.

I spent 5 years at ERAU and I thought it was a fantastic place. Of course their costs have gotten out of hand, but I really couldn't imagine a situation that I had during my 5 year tenure there that I'd consider a 'horror story'.

Look at it this way. I think Chili's and TGI Fridays are two restaraunts that suck horribly. However, most people like the two restaraunts else they wouldn't be a nationwide chain with units on every other corner in America.

For what I wanted to do, it fit the bill and I think ERAU did a really good job.

can u elaborate on the "horror" stories u have been hearing? does it all have to do with the tuition rates, or are they in regards to the actual qualtiy of education erau provides? so far i have not been hearing too many negative things about the university, but like doug said, there are +/-'s for each university.
Believe me, there are "horror stories" about winning a $20 million dollar Powerball lottery.

I think "horror story" is as misused as the phrase "state of the art".
Well, having looked into both, FIT is nice but it is also not as good of an aviation school. If you are going into engineering or such, by all means go to FIT. I already have most my ratings so I have no interest in AeroSci, but the Airline Buisness Admin degree is pretty appealing to me.

And do not kid yourself, the college experience is no better then ERAU. I knew a student that went there, and from what she told me the men still out number the woman about 6 to 1 and the talk is just all computers and airplanes

As for me, I am at a large university now, I have had all the large college life I can muster, and as such I am ready for a university where the professor knows me by Sean Murphy and not by peoplesoft# 0237647.
I agree with Doug, every school will have studnets that love it, and students that hate it. However lately I have just been hearing more bad things about ERAU. For example, my cousin's friend went to ERAU freshman year and was paying high rates (around 30k) and he told me that he was just not getting enough flight time. He told me that the flight department had a bunch of scheduling probelms. Students could go weeks, even months without flying. That same kid tranferred to FIT and absolutely loves it there, he pays a little less and gets alot more flight time. In addition to hearing that, I have read alot on this website about various problems with ERAU's flight department and high rates, etc. However I know someone else who is at ERAU and loves it. So I guess it just depends on the person. FIT has a smaller flight department, they are more selective. They only select 90 flight students each year, ERAU has alot more. Doug said that when he visited FIT, it was not on the same level as ERAU. That was probabyl back in the late 80's early 90's. From what I've heard, their flight deprtment has improved alot since then and it has become somewhat respectable (but that again depends on who you ask). I would also like to major in Aviation Management, an do flight training at the same time. Aviation Managment also intrests me, and I think that is a field I could see myself working in If the flying thing dosent work out. From what I've read on this site, I think it's good to have a degree in something other than "flying a plane". While you can major in Managment and minor in Flight at ERAU, that is difficult to do. Most flight minors get VERY little flight time, and often have to stay over the summers just to fly. I can verify that becuase that came directly from an ERAU recruiter that came to my school. At FIT I could get an Aviation Managment Degree with a Flight Option, and I would still be "guranteed" to fly at least 3 times a week. The fact that people at these kind of schools only "talk about planes", dosen't really bother me, I would love to have someone at my school who would want to talk about planes. Ultimatley, I think its important for everyone to travel to these schools and see them for themselves. Good Luck.

About the scheduling in the flight dept, that sounds like a little bit of BS (no offence). Let me just tell you from my friends perspective. I have a friend that is an aerosci major at riddle and is in his third semester. He completed his instrument in his second semester and his commercial is almost done in his third. As for scheduling, he has no more then 1 or 2 instances with which he could not get an airplane.

The problem with scheduling is not the amount of aircraft, they diffinatly have enough. The problem is often your CFI, and that is why you have to talk to your cfi first. If your CFI does not want to fly that much, then you will run into scheduling conflicts. That is why my friend sat down and talked with the cfi to make sure that the schedules matched and that the instructor had the time my friend wanted. If you think that you are not compatible, then you can get a new instructor.

I agree the rates are way too high, that is why I do not intend to ever fly out of there, why would I do that when Epic has SP's for 90 bucks per hour.

On a last note, I am am talking about the DAB campus, things might be different at Prescott.
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I agree the rates are way too high, that is why I do not intend to ever fly out of there, why would I do that when Epic has SP's for 90 bucks per hour.

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I was under the impression that you would only be interested in ERAU for the flight training, since your already attending UCONN. Wouldnt't it be cheaper to stay in UCONN and do your traning at an FBO up there, this way you could still get a non-aviation related degree and save money?
This is kind of off-topic, but have you ever done any traning out of Danbury Airport? I have alot of family in Danbury, and I am up there quite frequently. After BDL, its the second busiest airport in Conn. Know of any good FBO's?
The people who dont fly for weeks at a time are a very rare exception and it is usually their own fault. I am finishing up my CFII at Riddle in DAB right now and have been on the schedule almost every day for the past 2 weeks. Very rarely am I on the schedule for less than 3 activities per week and it is usually caused by a conflict with my work schedule.
I am at UConn for the school of buisness and I might transfer to riddle just for the Airline Manaement program.

Riddle without flight training is not that expensive, and i look at it as : If I get an mba or buisness admin degree here at uconn, it is not as specialized, so getting into the airlines in management will be a bit harder. However, the riddle degree i can more easily get into the airlines management side ( I am going for pilot but if I ever loose my medical i want to still be in an airline) and I can still do all the stuff a normal mba would offer. I currently train out of KIJD, winham ct and I am about to get my comm.

As for KDXR, I attended north american aviation on the west side of the field... It was a bit of a disaster to tell you the truth... the fbo ended up going bankrupt, then reopened, then sold planes, then bought planes, plus they are unreasonably expensive. If I had to do it over I would not have attended there. On the east side of the field there is arrow aviation, and they are a better run FBO, but their planes suck and they have a bit of maitenance issues IMO.(as does north american)

Another thing is that DXR is busy, but it is not THAT busy... BDL is much busier IMO because the reason DXR is up there in TO/LDS is the amount of touch and goes do to flight training.

To sum it up, here is my advice: if you are going to be training in the winter, go to florida. Epic aviation is probably the best FBO that I have ever heard about or seen, if you are going to be doing it in the summer, then Connecticut is a beutiful place to learn, but I would not learn at DXR. The best fbo in the state of CT by far is windham aviation. Trust me, I have seen them all, I have been into every single strip in the state of connecticut twice, even look into Poukipsee (sp??)NY, they seem to have nice facilities, or maybe even BDR(Bridgeport) because professional flight training is supposed to be decent. Sorry for the rushed responce and spelling , I have a final in about 10 min and no time to edit, lol.
I went to ERAU-PRC and they flew my ass off. There were a few instances when I had to say, "Whew! No Mas!!!" for a break.
I can't believe no one else on this site wants to goto prescott. I think its such a better choice then Daytona Beach...oh well. I'd just like to get to know some people before I get there.
Congrats on your decision... I occasionally work out of GVQ in Batavia, and see 714WS doing touch and go's quite frequently... -- if you happen to be out, stop in and say hi before you go! Good luck!