Anyone at CATER? How is it??


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I am about to apply to ERAU's CATER program and need a little insight from current or former students. Is it really busy down there? Too many students? Would you prefer CATER over going to Daytona or Prescot? Are there intern oppertunities at CATER? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Fly safe!!
Come on Down! I'm currently enrolled at the CATER program and am loving it. I already have a college degree, so I didn't look to the Daytona or Prescott campuses. However, I really enjoy getting ERAU quality instruction and safety. The school's cost is along the lines of any major flight academy. Anyone who sees this post, please feel free to email me with questions about the CATER program.
Sorry, forgot to answer a couple questions. Yes, it is very busy around DAB (I'm told it's the tenth busiest airspace in the world). But, I'm learning situational awareness and good outside scanning very well. I don't know about internship availability. But, the CATER program is looked at as a training ground for future ERAU instructors.