Anyone applying to the VRA announcement on ASAP?


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All I hear is about the or has anyone applied to the other ATC announcements such as the VRA or REINST?? Just submitted app today for announcement AAC-AMH-09-VRA-12513 and would like to know we're not alone...

I applied to a few a while back. The ones I applied to early on (about a year ago) got the referral lists out relatively soon. The ones I applied to more recently have not had any referral lists created for them. I assume they are waiting for the current announcement to expire and they will just lump them all together. By the way, I see you were at Whiting...I know AC1 Vernon and Chief Cumpton. Small word. If you have any specific questions about the VRA announcements send me a private message and I will get you my email and hopefully I can help you out.