Anybody reconize these type abbreviations?


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Hey all, I was looking at the interactive airmen inquiry for my friends grandfather and hes typed rated in two different aircraft only i dont reconize the abreviations. The first is: C/BH-14ST the second is :C/SK-61 . I tried net searching but couldnt find it so i thought the best place to ask would be here. Hope you guys can help.
The C/ indicates its a type on his Commercial certificate. Did he fly helos? One (or both) look like helo types I've seen.
(BH-214ST) Bell 214ST, a stretched twin-engine Huey than can seat up to 13 or so pax, maybe more. You see them in offshore oil rigs now and again. Imagine the Marine UH-1N Huey and stretch the cabin by about 8 ft. The SK-61 is a Sikorsky S-61 model, commonly known as the SH-3 Sea King helo formerly used by the Navy for Anti-Sub Warfare. Civilian models are commonly stretched versions.

Bell 214ST:

Sikorsky S-61/SH-3: