Anybody know this school?


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The school is called pro pilot can see their website at The school is in Ft. Lauderdale I just stumbled across it and it sounds ok.....just looking for some input. Thanks for you time.
I tried giving them a call this morning, but the phone failed to connect. I will give them a try later.

Their program includes 1200 hours of scheduled training, accomplished in 14 months.

I don't see any CFI training, which I feel is important.

Anyone else had any contact with them???
I met with one of the owners last week - he is a 737 pilot who also instructs in the full motion sims at Pan Am in Miami.

The program is a new one - at a low cost to 1200 hours - part of your tuition is used to purchase a fractional share of a Cessna - you actually will own part of the aircraft. At the end of training you get a portion of the money back.

The plan is to teach to airline standards with airline type CFI's - not recycyled 200 hour CFI's ( like me ! )

The fellow's partner is the owner of AEPS - and they plan then to put graduates into Part 135 or 121 operations. Most operators come to AEPS to advertise jobs so he definitely will have an advantage.

It sounded to mee like a good plan - I hope it works out - the school is new.

Anyhow - that's my 2 cents.
Well, I'm also having trouble accessing their site now. I don't know what happened. It worked numerous times in the past. If anyone can access their site or has their phone number, can you please post it. It looked like a great school and now I cannot find their website. Thanks for the help!
Their website is back up, I just checked it out today. However, both of the phone numbers, as well as the fax number, that they list on the site have been disconnected.
I tried contacting them last week myself with no luck. If anyone gets through let us know. I would love to check them out before I commit to FSI or Pan AM.

I just tried the website, and it is up and running. I will try calling them again tomorrow.
UUNet (a wholly owned subsidiary of WorldCom...big suprise) was having trouble yesterday. That's probably why the web site was down.
I just checked out the sight and I recognized that Twin Commanche 8561Y from I logged onto Tradeaplane and sure enough it is for sale in Daytona Beach. In fact, the pictures on the propilot website are the same ones on tradeaplane. The contact number for the airplane is 386-767-6555 day and 386-788-2322 night. Ask for Phil. Maybe he had some info on the school. Hope this helps.
Let's see....their planes are for sale, their domain name for sale, and phone disconnected. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif