Any rc flyers out there?


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Im just putting together my first rc plane and have a couple of questions. If someone has any experience with them at all, pm me with your email. THanks
I used to do it also. I'm sure there are a lot of us that do, post away!


John Herreshoff
I'm still an avid RC'er. I specialize in Cars and Airplanes so if you have any questions, e-mail me.
I had a plane, till i crashed it and didn't want to spend money on fixing it. I still use my RC car though, for anyone who does that I have a RC10 T3 pretty much loaded out. Sprint what kind of car you usin?
HPI RS4 with full ball bearings, Honda Accord body, but the rest is stock. As far as my plane; I have a Great Planes Corsair that runs on a O.S. .46 engine and 5 channel remote.
In the near future I plan to get a foam, electric powered A-10 Warthog.
sorry took so long, but was away for the weekend. Here are a couple questions.

Ive got a t6xa futaba tx/rx. The tx crystal says 72.630 and the rx says 40. something ( dont have it handy) Dont these need to be on the same frequency to work?

I have a 0s46 engine, do you crank these to the right as viewed from behind? Havent gotten a electric starter yet.

Thats all I can think of right now, but there will be more. Thanks....
Frequencies are numbered (I was number 31). This is done so people do not use the same frequency and crash your plane. My reciever did not have a number on it; your best way to check is to charge everything up and test it.

Buy an electric start - hand propping is not a great idea. And if you are infront of the aircraft you turn it counter clockwise.

My last peice of advise - they are harder to fly then you think - get someone who knows how to fly them to help you until you have mastered.
I used to fly RC planes in high school. I has 42 for my frequency. You cna sync them by changing crystals.

I used to build all kinds of models. Freeflight, control line, RC. Then one day, I suddenly lost interest in building

Now I have taken up real planes :)

well my reciever is channel 36 with freq of 72.510 and my tx is 72.630. I cant seem to get any response from my servos when I actuate the tx. Do your tx and rx have to be on the same freq to work?

Also, do you need anything from the fcc to fly legally?

Yes they have to be on the same frequency. No you do need anything from the FCC but getting some AMA insurance is not a bad idea.
well, I bought a new crystal to match my tx and all is well. Thanks for the input all. Got the engine fired up with the chicken stick as well, purrs like a kitten. FYI if you didnt know this already, dont buy stuff on ebay. I bought the tx there, and the guy claimed it was new, but the battery shorted out when I plugged it in, the rx had the wrong crystal, and it had no servo mounting tray or anything. So I basically poured 60 in ontop of what I spent on the auction. Should have bought new. Anyway, going flying on thursday....thanks again.