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I found this website and it shows a series of airlines that have hired in the past month and what their plans are etc. All for free. Seems kinda fishy to me. It also said skywest was ordering 80 RJ's, one every 30 days. What does everyone think of this website?
No fish here, it's a free service for anyone to view but it is watched most closely by us [ATP instructors].

As a caveat, understand that a hired airline pilot does not necessarily have a start date for class.

I know Chautauqua has two class dates next month, and ACA has one in December, but that's about it.

The instructors that are getting interviews all have 1200 to 1500 hours TT, 1000-1300 multi.

We just added that link last week.
I went through ATP's program in 98/99. One year after I interviewed for the program I was interviewing for Mesa. I've now been at Mesa for almost 4 years.

Obviously I talk to many pilots on a regular basis. I still stand by the fact that ATP is the best value for the money by far. You can't go wrong.