Any one school preferred by Regionals?


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Reading this forum and the Pan Am forum has been entertaining but eye-opening. It's pretty tough to read through everybody's different opinions and try to get a clear picture of the schools, as far as their credibility with a regional airline might go.

I think I can see that Pan Am is a very rigorous program and not everybody is right for that. On the other hand, perhaps Westwind's planes aren't quite as new, but you can go at your own pace and pay less.

My biggest question that hasn't been addressed is this: once you get all your training and have been through simulators and are building hours waiting for an airline to call back, which of the schools has the most respect from the industry? Is the ACE program at Pan Am replicated at Westwind? Is it as important to a hiring airline as Pan Am's literature makes it out to be?

I'll post this question in the Pan Am forum as well. Thanks guys.
which of the schools has the most respect from the industry?

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Slow down there bubba. What do you mean "which one is respected more"? Is that a trick question? Respect is something you have to earn, and I don't think either school has earned it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cwm27.gif

If you want to find a good school, then start asking airline pilots. Do not provide the choices or states of occupancy. Just ask which school is the most respected in the industry. I will bet you will get two, maybe three names, and neither Pan-Am or Westwind will be one of them..........

Any one school preferred by Regionals?

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somebodys always looking for the "fast-track" snakeoil.

To answer your question the school that gets you your FAA certficates. It can either be an academy or FBO.
First off... good luck in your decision to find a flight school.

Now, to address a question you asked. You were inquiring about the importance of Pan Am's Ace program to a hiring regional airline. Ace sure can't look bad to a regional... but don't pick a program based on them having an uncertified CRJ simulator... base it on the actual flight training quality. One thing to think about is, if you know you want simulator training, you can always buy yourself a type rating. The type rating will be loggable, you'll possibly use it someday, you'll get to pick an aircraft you want to fly (you won't limit yourself to a CRJ), and it'll be cheaper.

I'm not trying to knock the large flight schools... just trying to give you a different perspective. If you choose a Deer Valley flight school I hope it works out well for you!